People like to help people they know. Grant funders, like governments/ quasi-governmental organizations or charities, are all collectives of individuals.  Organizations build partnerships over time and through individual relationship building. This article outlines steps on how your business or organization can build positive relationships with Grant funders.

Step 1) Prepare, your results are directly tied to your preparation and research. Gain insight into the grant funder and their mandates. Read about their initiatives, their team, and why they started.  Arm yourself with knowledge. Find out heir preferred contact method and introduce yourself. You want to cultivate a relationship before asking for grant money when possible.

Step 2) Explain your Why. The funder knows at some point- you are looking for funding, but they don’t know why you are more deserving than other applicants. Reinforce your shared objectives and mission.

Step 3) State your problem. Keep it simple. Take notes.

Step 4) Present the solution. Keep it simple. Listen. Take copious notes. Use this step to frame it as a partnership between your organization and the Grant funder. If on a call write a script! Speak with a smile. When you are smiling, people can hear a difference in tone. Write a script of what you want to say on the call. Your script should provide the same information you would provide if you were sending an email.

Step 5) Earn the right to request funding.  Make sure you fit the funder’s guidelines.  When you are certain you do, and you have built rapport, ask for permission to submit a grant application.

Step 6) Thank your contact for their time and the organization.

Step 7) Proofread and submit your grant application

Step 8) Follow-up in several days (based on the grant guidelines)

Step 9) Keep in touch! If the Grant funder or a team member has been particularly helpful, follow up with a kind thank you note from time to time.  It costs nothing to make someone smile and helps to be amicable.

At Office146 Advisory, we are fortunate in that we have been able to provide funding strategy solutions for countless small to medium-sized businesses during COVID and we are here to help you post Covid-19.  We act as a funding agency and work with you to facilitate the funding you need year-round.  Our team is experienced with countless years on the lending side of these programs, so we understand how to navigate these waters with a team that armed with skills in this article.  As challenging as these times may be, remember you are not alone, and we are here to help.  When you’re ready to go on the offense and grow your business – Call or email us for a free consultation. 416-855-4142 EXT3.