It’s no secret that the holidays are a competitive time for businesses. Consumers are making more purchases than they normally do and everyone in your niche is competing for their attention. Even B2B businesses feel the pressure to out-market and out-perform their competition. During this cheerful, yet extremely saturated, shopping season, how are you supposed to stand out? 


Get Mobile

The first thing you need to do is to get mobile. Did you know that 73 percent of shoppers plan to use their smartphone for gift research or purchasing? If your e-commerce website doesn’t currently use a responsive design and isn’t mobile-friendly, that’s your first priority. It needs to be fast, adaptable, and intuitive. Then, take advantage of your social media pages for sales. One way to do this is by adding the shopping function to your Instagram page  




Offer Gift Cards


Small businesses can benefit greatly from offering gift cards. 54 percent of consumers plan on gifting 3-4 gift cards this holiday season. They give new customers an excuse to try your products and you the opportunity to win a returning customer. Here’s another tip: make sure your e-commerce shop is set up to accept gift cards before you start selling them.



Give Back


The holidays are a time when consumers especially value brands that give back. In fact, 68 percent of consumers plan on giving to a cause they support during the holidays. Unfortunately, many charities don’t receive an influx of donations because they don’t have the marketing budgets to promote themselves. This year, show your brand’s human side by partnering with a cause or organization. 

These are just three of the ways you can prepare yourself for the holiday season of gifting. Stand out from the competition by meeting shoppers’ needs and wants better than anyone else.