Onboarding is an important step for both the employer and employee during the hiring process. It gives the employer the chance to give a broad overview of the company, its values, and the jobs expectations. The process also allows the new employee to take in their surroundings to setting up their desk.⁠

However, with many employers still needing to hire people despite the pandemic, many have had to pivot and change its processes to fit a virtual setting.⁠

Here are a few best practices:⁠

1) Ensure the entire process remains virtual.⁠
This provides consistency, from Zoom interviews to phone calls and signing offers electronically.⁠

2) Keep organized.⁠
Use programs like Google Drive to share files and have training videos and links to share. ⁠

3. Be flexible.⁠
Do you need to go over something again? Perhaps the employee needs more time for training?⁠

4. Make sure to emphasize company culture.⁠
Make new employees feel welcome by introducing them to others in the company and setting up weekly meetings to bond and feel less alone during the pandemic. ⁠

So what do you do to create an easier process for virtual onboarding?⁠

Please leave a comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!⁠